Monday, January 29

Candified plums

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A quick coating of liquid sugar makes these an appealing snack for many Chinese. I tried a few but couldn't really get addicted the way most Chinese seem to be.

Chinese Plums

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Tons of plums for sale all over the streets.

Outdoor Restaurant

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I know, it's hard to tell, but this is actually a pretty common place to eat in China. For about 25 cents, you can have a decent soup dish of noodles, onions and other random vegetables and spices. His whole setup is right there, and you can see his coal burning stove over what looks like a 5 gallon tin in the lower left.

Watching the Australian Open

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Chris and I caught a couple matches out in the sunshine at the Opera House. AmEx set up a huge screen for everyone to enjoy and it made for the perfect spot (next to Rod Lavers Stadium) to watch the final between Federer and Gonzalez. A huge crowd of Chileans showed up to support their countryman and the Swiss were represented as well. A good deal of flag waving and chanting took place.

Local shepard

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I found Pingyao to be full of great photo opportunites. I caught this shepard with his sheep just inside the city wall leading them towards the field of weeks out next to the highway to feed.

Smoke Break

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Caught this guy having a little smoke break: For the three days I saw Pingyao, he probably went through 9 packs of cigarettes, hardly leaving his small spot here across from my hostel.


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I spent a few days in Pingyao. A small little town about six hours from Beijing, it offers a good look at what an old rural town looks and feels like compared to the modern electric cities that are more traveled.

Out over Hong Kong

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The skyline of Hong Kong. They have a great light show choreographed to music. Most of the buildings on Hong Kong Island a wired up with neon lights that make the entire skyline dance from this vantage point.

Out on the Great Ocean Road

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One of the quick stopoffs we made. Can you see the cloud of flies swarming around? I think one of the most annoying parts of traveling in Australia are the flies that have no problem flying right into your eye, your ears, your mouth. You end up looking deranged as you walk down the street with your hands flailing in the air cursing at the flies... I managed to keep my cool long enough for a photo here.

On a mission...

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The 10-hour drive from Geelong to Sydney, with a pass around Melbourne. This is a about 8 hours in. Can you tell that I'm driving?

Bondi Beach

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Our first couple of days in Sydney, Chris and I stayed near Bondi Beach. It's really a beautiful beach with loads of cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and beautiful sand.

Melbourne Street Art

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A walk down the riverfront of Melbourne, you see the local artists out on the sidewalks with the chalk. Here is one such creation.